Love Letter to London via our DigitalTops #LoveGEO

This Valentine's Day, whilst Londoners declared their love to each other, Verifone media made sure London itself wasn't left out. In the spirit of Valentines day, we ran our #LoveGEO campaign across our network of 400 HD screens on top of London's most loved icons; The Black Cab.

The declaration, dubbed #LoveGEO, played London-wide, and was geo-targeted to a number of key areas. Bespoke, location-specific messages were designed to spread Verifone Media's love of being part of the iconic landscape of 2015's most visited city in the world. Area-specific accuracy was achieved thanks to our geo-targeting sytem, with the creative displaying ' Dear [accurate location], We Love You'. All except one at least; when any of the DigitalTops pass Buckingham Palace, the creative read 'Dear Your Majesty, We Love You'!

Locations targeted can be as wide as London's Theatreland or specific landmarks such as Big Ben; all demonstrating that Verifone Media's clients can also deliver impressively precise relevance. Target areas were chosen based on Verifone Media's findings from their award-winning 2015 campaign, #HelloGEO.

Sales and Marketing Director Jim Cohen shared his excitement about Digital Tops and their ability to provide targeted, go-anywhere Digital OOH, "We can turn our HD screens on at certain times of the day, in certain streets because of certain weather conditions, all ensuring maximum relevance. Verifone Media are passionate about showing people the power our digital products and how they can be used to effectively target the right people at the right place in the right mindset."

With the #HelloGEO campaign's hashtag achieving a social reach of nearly 44,000 mentions, Verifone Media are hoping #LoveGEO to produce even more, as screens on the road have been doubled to four hundred since 2015. So look out for Verifone Media spreading the #LoveGEO across London this week.

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