Brand: Samsung

Campaign location: London

Campaign details: Samsung teamed up with Robbie Williams to promote his Take The Crown tour. Samsung took 60 black cabs and transformed them into these eye catching liveries.

A digital Screen domination of all 8 ad spots & a piece of content has been utilised to showcase the up and coming tour and encourage customers to enter the competition on twitter and Facebook to be in with a chance to win either tickets or a meet and greet. The use of NFC and tip seats informed customers how to enter the campaign with a unique link to the Facebook page.

The campaign is a media first as it consists of NFC, Liveries, Digital & TipSeats. You can find 40 taxis in London, 10 in Manchester and 10 in Glasgow. Social Media has taken off in promoting the campaign with hundreds of people tweeting pictures and liking on Facebook.


  • The Robbie Williams activation successfully engaged fans
  • ‘Page Likes’ boosted by well over 1,000,000
  • The Facebook page got he 109,442 new ‘Likes’ during the campaign period
  • 70% of ‘Likes’ came from the Robbie Williams Facebook activation
  • 2,769 tweets about the campaign sparked 1,684 retweets
  • 676 tweeters uploaded photos of the Robbie taxi
  • Digital adverts achieved 277,830 impacts across the campaign