Target Market

London taxi passengers are

  • 3 times more like to buy stocks and shares online
  • 57% more likely to visit the theatre
  • 78% more likely to read a broadsheet
  • 21% more likely to read a book
  • 64% of passengers live within greater London
  • 17% of passengers live overseas
  • 26% taxi journeys are to and from a place of work
  • 15% of taxi journeys are used for services and personal business
  • 18% of taxi journeys are used for sport/entertainment and social purposes
  • Twice as likely to wear designer clothes
  • Over 60% ABC 1, Aged 25-44

In London's licensed taxis

  • Almost 200,000 fares are taken daily
  • 73 million taxi journeys are made every year
  • Every day 300,000 passengers take a ride
  • Average distance travelled per journey is 2.9 miles
  • Journeys under 2 miles are completed in and around 10 minutes
  • Journeys under 5 miles are completed in less than 25 minutes
  • Average time spent in a taxi is 12-15 minutes
  • Heathrow to London taxis up to 60 minutes
  • 10.5 million people saw a Taxi Ad in the last week

Where and when?

  • Whole of London
  • 84% of trips carried out In the inner zone of central London
  • Select the time that suits you best
  • 77% Taxi journeys are from 6am – 8pm, Monday - Friday
  • Target around key events, exhibitions and conferences

What you could do with VNET

  • Targeted promotions, coupons, incentives to taxi passengers
  • Product launches
  • Interactive advertisements, such as quizzes
  • Solicit consumer feedback
  • Adverts can include QR codes for use with passenger mobiles
  • Harness the power of full motion digital to create striking campaigns
  • Combine your digital adverts with traditional taxi livery and wraps


  • Business Travellers
  • Key decision makers
  • Shoppers
  • Commuters
  • Young Social, Active and Cash –rich individuals
  • Young Professionals
  • Tourists
  • Party Goers

What You Can Offer

  • The latest promotions
  • The latest products
  • Special In Taxi offers
  • In your face adverts
  • Interactive advertisements
  • Innovative, creative and noticeable advertisements