Tip-Ups: Once you're inside a taxi and settle into the back seats, you can't miss the rear-facing tip-up seats in front of you. They're rarely sat on so the ad panels built into their bases remain highly visible to passengers on the back seat throughout the journey.

There are two tip-up seats in each taxi, so you can create pairs of ads to work together. This is your opportunity to deliver a more detailed message or a direct response call to action to your highly valued captive audience. Passengers are likely to be in possession of a phone or laptop, so you can encourage them to respond to an offer or participate in a promotion on the spot.

Branded Receipts

Many passengers ask for a receipt at the end of their taxi journey, providing an ideal opportunity to reinforce your message and extend the reach of your campaign.

A receipt provides the perfect outlet for consumer engagement and interaction. It can signpost a promotional URL or campaign microsite and, as it will be retained, can be referred to in the office or at home.

Branded receipts can be virtually any shape or size. Incentives, die-cut shapes, scratch-off promotions, bar codes, unique passwords and perforations can be incorporated to encourage passengers to retain them, redeem them in-store or respond to your special promotion.