Full Livery:

The boldest ad format on the street. Modern application techniques encourage creativity and make this an eye-catching outdoor advertising format. You can't miss a Full Livery taxi. Every panel, curve and surface is wrapped in graphic vinyl for maximum impact and recall.

Super Sides:

Super Side taxis run graphics from headlight to tail-light along their entire length. Super Sides are sculpted to follow the contours of the bodywork in pairs of special pre-cut panels, one for the nearside and a mirror image for the offside. Super Side graphics can be output and fitted quickly so are ideal for short burst campaigns and offer exceptional value so larger fleets can be deployed in high volume, high impact campaigns.

Rear Windows:

The rear window of a taxi provides an eye-catching, eye level display site. The special 'two way' vinyl enables you to display graphics on the glass without impairing visibility for the driver.

Rear screens enable your Full Livery graphics to flow seamlessly across the rear screen to create even more impact. Right in the eye line of passengers, pedestrians, motorists – even cyclists – a rear screen really is an "in-your-face" advertising opportunity.

Rear screens were used to great effect by Meridian Outdoor in promoting the Shrek 2 movie release: "The rear window ads successfully captured the attention of potential cinema-goers on the streets."