United Kingdom

VNET | Taxi Comes to the UK

Building on Success

VeriFone is bringing the highly successful VeriFone Digital Network to the UK, starting in London. VNET is a unique new communications and broadcast channel that's delivered direct to commuters and travelers via the licensed taxi trade.

Get your brand on the move

VeriFone Digital Network delivers high level brand strategy; supplemented with strong tactical campaigns that work really quickly and well. Spontaneous, interactive and flexible, it can take your idea from creation to execution within an hour.

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Picture This

Your target consumer, alone or with a few friends, hails a taxi and jumps in. An in-taxi colour screen greets them; makes them welcome; delivers streamed news, sport, entertaiment and multimedia content. They see your brand, get your message, catch details of an event.

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How it works

VeriFone's Taxi System is a unique card payment system comprising a driver side payment device and CPU, a fixed passenger-facing PIN pad, and a full colour display screen which acts as the delivery channel for VeriFone Digital Network.

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